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Hello and welcome, fellow warrior!

My name is Wendi O. Brown. For the past two decades, I’ve set my sights on ambition and climbed the challenging ropes of the U.S. Armed Forces and finally made it as a senior officer.

We’re talking about overcoming and surviving – correction: thriving in! – a toxic workplace, applying critical thinking to achieve my goals, and lifting others in the process.

It was through these experiences that I discovered something. No matter the industry you work in or the obstacles encountered along the way, you need two attributes to emerge victorious: confidence and leadership.

The time has come to banish self-doubt and assert yourself in the workplace. Let’s go!


I want to show you what happened when I started believing in my abilities and pursuing my career progression plan. It worked for me, and it CAN work for you!

I left my comfortable 9-5 in the U.S. for a fulfilling contract career in Europe with no regrets. A weekend skiing in Milan, Italy and spending Christmas in Paris – it’s the dream!

While on active duty as a senior officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, I managed many high-profile military missions to include ensuring U.S. Armed Forces were equipped to conduct critical military operations in Europe and Africa by providing strategic plans to execute supply chain and logistics missions. Since advancing from junior officer 20 years ago, I’ve counseled the highest levels of leadership in American and global governments, including NATO.

Often, I get invited to participate in public speaking engagements – including in London, Greece, Scotland, the USA, Dubai, and Israel. (Your country could be next… who knows!)

I partner with clients determined to succeed in the workplace, handing them my 10-step confidence and leadership blueprint to turn ambition and drive into lasting, visible results for their careers.

Core Values

Authenticity and Integrity are my core values. Fake-it-to-you-make-it is a pathetic way to strive for success. Have integrity and take the time to be authentic in your craft!


To make a
with confident competent professionals whose careers are hindered because of office politics or adversarial situations in the workplace.

International Speaking Engagements

I have had many live public speaking engagements globally including London, Greece, Scotland as well as virtual engagements based out of USA, Dubai, and Israel
…your country is next!

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